The sacrament of Reconciliation is offered Saturdays 9:00-10:00AM and Wednesdays 6:15-6:45PM.

Requirements for Children

Children shall be prepared for and given the opportunity to celebrate the Sacrament of Penance before their first reception of the Eucharist.

The child’s readiness for the celebration of the sacrament is to be determined by the child, the parent, and the pastor or his delegate.

A child’s readiness for the celebration of the sacrament is to be judged using the criteria such as:

  • A trust in God’s forgiving love
  • A sense of belonging to the Church community
  • An understanding of forgiveness, a desire to give and receive forgiveness
  • A sense of right and wrong and of the reality of evil
  • A knowledge of sin, an ability to describe wrong-doing in his/her own words
  • An ability to say, "I’m sorry" to express a sense of repentance.


Children will usually celebrate Reconciliation during the second grade, if the religious education of the child is on track. Older children (3rd & above) who have been Baptised will take classes in the update program. For information on our Religious Education program, click here.

Those who have not been baptised will receive their sacraments through the RCIA program. Parents need to contact the religious education office for more information.