Holy Eucharist

For the administration of the Eucharist to children, it is required that they have sufficient knowledge and careful preparation so as to understand the mystery of Christ's presence according to their capacity, and can receive the Body of the Lord with faith and devotion.

The child’s readiness for the celebration of the sacrament is to be determined by the child, the parent, and the pastor or his delegate. The reception of the Eucharist should be preceded by the sacrament of Reconciliation. The age of discretion is the time when a child begins to reason, that is, about the seventh year.

Children will usually celebrate First Eucharist during the second grade, if the religious education of the child is on track. Older children (3rd & above) who have been Baptised will take classes in the update program. For information on our Religious Education program, click here.

Those who have not been baptised will receive their sacraments through the RCIA program. Parents need to contact the religious education office for more information.

Adults who have not received the sacrament of Eucharist will prepare for the sacrament through the RCIA program.