Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith FormationAdult Faith Formation at CtR helps you learn about what your faith teaches. We help you determine a better understanding of your Catholic faith. CtR's Adult Faith Formation is a resource to help you enrich different areas of your life. Whether you want to learn more about scripture, historical facts or your family and prayer life, CtR has a variety of groups for you to express your Catholicitiy. AFF is also a great way to build lasting friendships with the people that grow with you spiritually.



Adult Faith Formation Ministry Planning Team

This group meets the second and fourth Tuesday of the month to discuss, plan and implement a variety of programs to serve the needs and interests of the entire faith community.

These programs for adults and families are designed to promote lifelong discipleship by enhancing knowledge of Jesus Christ, the Catholic faith and Sacred Scripture. All programs are intended to nourish a living faith and support growth toward Christian maturity.

Contact Deacon Jack Alexander, Director of Adult Faith Formation and RCIA, at 281-469-5533 or

"Awakened and energized by the Spirit, let us strengthen our commitment and intensify our efforts to help the adults in our communities be touched and transformed by the life-giving message of Jesus, to explore its meaning, experience its power, and live in its light as faithful adult disciples today. Let us do our part with creativity and vigor, our hearts aflame with love to empower adults to know and live the message of Jesus. This is the Lord's work. In the power of the Spirit it will not fail but will bear lasting fruit for the life of the world."

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops pastoral plan for Adult Faith Formation
--Our Hearts were Burning Within Us, 183