Letter from Fr. Sean

Dear Parishioners and Friends,
Five years ago our parish of Christ the Redeemer came together to do something great in the name of the Lord for the people of our community — to raise up a suitable house worthy of our God. After much planning, prayer and sacrifice we were able dedicate our beautiful new church where all can gather. Our beloved home is now a sign of God’s presence and a jewel of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.
As we enter into 2011, our mission as the Body of Christ is ever before us.
Now home to 5,000 families, Christ the Redeemer Church is a dynamic and vibrant community. In the past decade we have more than doubled in size and all indications are that more and more families will continue to call this area of northwest Houston and Cypress home.
While our new church provides room for us to worship, the rest of our facilities are woefully undersized to serve the needs of our community. Living the Catholic faith requires more than just one hour on Sundays. It’s about creating a life centered in Christ. It’s about providing education, service and social opportunities for the entire family of God.
Our Religious Education classes are overflowing with both adults and children. We have 2,500 youth in our RE program — that’s an increase of more than 50 percent in just the last five years. Our current education building is literally bursting at the walls. Any parent who has visited our offices (or tried to park!) during class time can attest to the need for additional space.
Our adult programs continue to flourish as well. We have one of the largest RCIA communities in the entire Archdiocese, and the number of new ministries grows each year. Finding suitable space to hold all these meetings is a logistical nightmare. Our beloved little parish hall — built 25 years ago when we had only 500 families — now overflows for seemingly every meeting every night.
Our growth and vitality is blessing from God, but also a challenge. The time has come for us to meet that challenge with generous hearts and lives of faith to create a Parish Life Center where we can meet the needs of the parish today and plan for our future. It is in that spirit that we embark upon our 2011 One Faith, One Family Capital Campaign.
The decision to enter into this campaign has come after careful prayer, consultation and study. It is a direct response from what you, the parishioners of Christ the Redeemer, have said is important and needed at this time in life of our parish. We undertake it with the unanimous recommendation and full support of our Parish Pastoral Council, Finance Council and Stewardship Committee as well as that of our dedicated staff.
It is with great enthusiasm that we present to you the plans in this brochure to meet the needs of our parish. Our goal is $6 million. In order to build we must all consider major sacrifices by giving generously and encouraging others to do the likewise. This project will truly serve our entire community. Because resources and obligations vary, not every person or family can pledge the same amount, but we can all make same sacrifice.
I ask for your special generosity and prayers as we embark upon this campaign. May the Lord bless and prosper the work of our hands as we join together to build a Parish Life Center that will enable us to deepen our communion at every stage of our faith journey. Let us commit ourselves to being One Family, One Faith so that we might meet the challenge of today and the promise of tomorrow.
Yours in Christ the Redeemer,
Rev. Sean P. Horrigan